Street Trucks|October 2021
This 2016 Chevy Silverado is a Dream Come True for Hector Marmolejo

DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAM TRUCK? The one you’d drool over at truck shows, clip photos from magazines and always watch for on the road? You had all the details picked out, from the paint, wheels and tires to its chassis and engine. The fantasy ride was your ticket to freedom!

Texas iron worker Hector Marmolejo sure remembered his childhood dream truck—this squeaky clean black and red 2016 Chevy Silverado you see before you—and believe it or not, it only took him three months to complete.

“I had great hands who assisted me all the time,” Hector says. “They made it the easiest part of the build.”

The exterior modifications on the Silverado include front tub work and beadrolled seams, thanks to the crew at Drops R Us in Pasadena, Texas. It’s painted a shiny, slick PPG Black all over the outside, with PPG Eggshell Red on the truck bed, inside the cab and under the hood; Robert Meza of Alamo Customs in Alvin, Texas, is responsible for the stellar paintjob.

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