Street Trucks|April 2020
PERRY FITZGERALD OF POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK, IS ONE OF THE YOUNGER ARTISTS WE HAVE FEATURED SO FAR. At 26, Perry has definitely shown some major skill and passion for automotive art and is pushing to keep that going.

“I’ve been drawing things for as long as I can remember,” Perry says. “I didn’t try my hand at cars until a few years ago, though.”

His grandfather was a painter, so he was able to spend his childhood having fun and learning from him in his art studio. Perry has never been one to think that he was “better” at art than anyone else and has always felt amazed when people say that they can’t draw.

“I think it just takes practice,” he says. “I firmly believe that I still improve with each and every piece I make!”


#5 At Street Trucks magazine, we have always found that it’s not just the cars that make the publication what it is. It’s the fans, it’s the readers, it’s the enthusiasts, it’s the owners, it’s the builders—and the passion they have for the truck/automotive world. That passion creates the family we are now.

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