Inside OJs New Drug Den Image Credit: Globe
Inside OJs New Drug Den Image Credit: Globe

Inside O.J.'s New Drug Den!

Simpson roomie in OVERDOSE NIGHTMARE

PAROLED jailbird O.J. Simpson is headed for big trouble — his soon-to-be roommate, Thomas Scotto, is a raving druggie who nearly died during a recent overdose, an insider tells GLOBE in a world exclusive!

Robert Rowe, who lived with Scotto for six months in the Naples, Fla., townhouse where O.J. says he plans to reside, insists The Juice’s auto mechanic buddy “would get high every night,” and had to be saved by paramedics after taking too many painkillers.

But Scotto contends Rowe is a drug fiend with an ax to grind. Although he admits to taking prescribed “muscle relaxers” and oxycodone every day for problems related to neck surgery, Scotto says he’s a “straight arrow” and does not abuse drugs.

But the drugs at Scotto’s home could spell trouble for Simpson, who was paroled Oct. 1 after serving nine years in a Nevada slammer for a bungled armed robbery, sources say. Simpson is now cooling his heels in Las Vegas, waiting for Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi to allow him to move in with Scotto.

But in an explosive exclusive interview, Rowe, 59, describes Scotto’s place as a drug den. He contends Scotto is a raging junkie, who will probably get Simpson in trouble with parole officers and tossed back in prison!

“The man has a big-time drug problem,” Rowe says. “When he ran out of pain medication that was prescribed by the doctors he turned to the street [for drugs].”

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