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From Motivation To Action Image Credit: Hotelier India
From Motivation To Action Image Credit: Hotelier India

From Motivation To Action

Till a few years ago, sustainability was a hotly debated topic in boardrooms during annual presentations.

Management teams wanted it to be part of their credo to project themselves as an environmentally-conscious company. Their sales and marketing team obliged by promoting this philosophy to their investors, suppliers and guests.

Well, today the concept of sustainability has evolved and encompassed a much larger role. It is no longer about broadcasting how much one cares for the environment. Instead, it is about working from the ground up to deploy solutions and processes that will improve air, water and human life quality. And more importantly, it is about savings costs in the bargain.

Like Param Kannampilly, CMD of Concept Hospitality points out, the overall effect of a business’ sustainability measures can best be gauged by its impact on local communities and cultures. This can be done by leveraging innovative technologies that offer better value for all stakeholders in the business.

Aditya Sanghi, CEO and co-founder of Hotelogix concurs with him. “In the global hospitality world, the importance to rely on green practices is stronger than ever. Moving to cloud-based systems from local servers, a mid-sized business not only saves on IT infrastructure overheads,but can also reduce energy consumption and carbon emission by almost 90%, as reported by Forbes.” He adds that cloud-enabled property management systems seamlessly integrate with IOT-based solutions that focus a lot on energy saving.


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