We Introduced Indias First And Asias Largest Tier IV DataCenter Image Credit: DataQuest
We Introduced Indias First And Asias Largest Tier IV DataCenter Image Credit: DataQuest

We Introduced India's First And Asia's Largest Tier-IV DataCenter

With the advent of the 3rd platform - IT Organizations the world over are looking at agile development methods- and in that context secured off-premise hosting of mission critical apps is the key pillar of their sourcing strategies. In that context, Datacenters play a pivotal role in bringing application integrity and security. CtrlS is aneminent player in the extremely competitive DC space, shares Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CtrlS Datacenters in a conversation with Dataquest.

Ibrahim Ahmad
The Nexus Of Disruptive Forces Have Altered The Entire It Landscape Totally. In Tandem How Have The Datacenters Evolved To Address The New Normal Demands Of The Digital Economy?

Social media, mobile, analytics, cloud (SMAC), internet of things (IoT) with large number of connected sensors (connected devices, connected cars etc) are driving data explosion requiring larger storage of data, need for high availability for real time analysis. Datacenters play a key role in not only facilitating the deployment of such large volumes of data but also make them available through redundant power, fault-tolerant network, scalable storage to address the growing needs of digital economy through agility and innovation. Tier-4 datacenters across the globe are most suited for the new demands of digital economy as they provide 99.995% uptime (Near zero downtime) mitigating risk and ensuring seamless applications availability. Besides this, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Software Defined Storage, and intelligent management of datacenters are aligned to the evolving needs of modern world. Therefore, in my opinion, a datacenter is truly the backbone of digital economy.

From A Cio Perspective What Are Some Of The Biggest Challenges And Concerns Faced When It Comes To Moving From In-Premise To A Third Party Datacenter Model For Hosting Apps And Data? 

Moving an in-house datacenter to an external datacenter is a key decision for every CIO

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