Most Influential Women Magazine- All Issues

SA's Most Influential Women in Business and Government focuses on the achievements of South African businesswomen. The publication is launched yearly at the prestigious South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards ceremonies, which recognise the contribution of women in a range of business and government sectors. These awards ceremonies are held in five South African provinces, and some of South Africa's best-known and most celebrated women have been involved in these awards over the years - as guests, finalists, winners, keynote speakers and judges on the judging panel. The publication is replete with enlightening information that is thought provoking and expands your horizons both in your work space and in your individual life. Apart from showcasing the work of companies that are making their mark in women empowerment, the magazine explores practical issues on organisational performance and effectiveness. Inspirational women share their experiences and thoughts and motivate others who aspire to be in their positions to be go-getters. Ever mindful of the fact that even a busy and powerful woman needs some 'me time', the magazine has an informative laid back section that offers perspectives on making most of opportunities that arise. MIW is a valuable read and the event a must attend for the women who realise that women are the very foundation of the nation and want to stand up, make their mark and be counted.