Typhoon Haiyan and the Role of Social Media- All Issues

Typhoon Haiyan Magazine app commemorate the disaster and the adverse effect of typhoon Haiyan in the life of every Filipino, physically and emotionally. While this mag narrates what really happen from day one, it analyzed the story behind specially of those survivors who experienced the disaster wrath's first hand and how they cope with it. More importantly, the book seeks to present to readers the substantial impact of social media on government preparations for the super typhoon, information campaign as well as it importance in addressing the needs of survivors and saving countless lives during the onslaught.It is eye opener about climate change, global warming and its effects to mankind. We are more powerful than ever recorded in our history. This makes our decisions and actions more important. We have the power to damage and destroy or to conserve and create. The decision we make and the action we take today will affect not only our self but might a million people, not only our own country but maybe the whole world.