Inside Investor Magazine- All Issues

Inside Investor, the global publishing and consultancy company for the discerning investor, has launched its first regular Inside Investor Magazine, which beginning December 2012 will be published quarterly and contain unique and value-adding sight on investment opportunities in emerging countries around the globe, starting with ASEAN. The Inside Investor Magazine opens a new chapter of business information by providing in-depth research on as many sectors and verticals as possible and a mix of investment research on emerg¬ing countries in today's rapidly changing economic environment. Research is up-to-date and compiled by experienced analysts and journalists who are on the ground for months to gather primary facts and insights. The publication strives to be ahead of others by delivering a variety of investment information to enable investors to take informed decisions. The editors choose topics based on the most current developments and place a finger on everything that may be of concern and interest for investors, be it a highly attractive opportunity or a great risk. With the economic crisis in Europe lingering and the US still not entirely recovered from their subprime credit problems, the interest of investors is increasingly shifting towards Asia and Southeast Asia in particular. Analysis of money flows show that free cash and liquidity is piling up in the pockets of Western and Middle Eastern investors, looking for the right opportunity at the right time away from troubled areas. For this, the Inside Investor Magazine delivers highly practical information.