Asian Homes- All Issues

ASIAN HOMES focuses on your Environment, Entertaining, Home Design, Gardening, Lifestyle, Recipes, and much more. It undoubtedly is the most enjoyable four-color magazine of its kind. It is targeted to the affluent market from Colombo to the gracious beach-front homes of Galle to the high end communities from Ratnapura, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. The concept of Asian Homes is uniquely Sri Lankan. We don’t try to emulate foreign magazines, in that all content is based on Sri Lankan and other Asian concepts. Southern Asian countries have tropical climates, and indeed homes and gardens in this magnificent part of the world have to be designed and built, taking in to account the ups and downs of these types of climates. Asian Homes is not merely an interior design magazine for, much of what we call ‘home’ has a lot to do with not only the interior but also the environment, the outdoor areas, societal and cultural idiosyncrasies ASIAN HOMES editorial and advertising depicts distinctive lifestyles from the suave to the rustic. These affluent owners of homes include not only those in Sri Lanka, but as the name depicts, in the Asian Regional market. Also included are those who live in expensive condominiums and cooperate apartments throughout the region and own homes in far off places. ASIAN HOMES also interviews celebrities at home, world famous literary figures, and sportsmen who have the profiles for luxury pastimes.