Art of Public Speaking- All Issues

The book has been designed to help those who want to be good speakers in public. It contains several tools and discusses various techniques to become good at public speaking. The main thing you need is to promote your belief that the art of good speaking in public can surely be cultivated through continuous efforts. For that one must possess a strong desire and practice all the traits contained herein. The book guides a learner how to gain confidence in public speaking in a systematic way as follows: Understanding good speaking and the effects of becoming a good speaker. Organizing and preparing the speech including all the required information. Drafting a complete outline of the speech for systematic and efficient delivery. Keeping calm and collected during the delivery of speech for win-win situation. Concluding the speech for lasting impact on the minds of audience/listeners. Overcoming stage anxieties and fears before delivering the speech in public. Keeping in mind some precautions, checks, and guidelines to deliver good speeches.