Thinkling - Aliens (January - February 2015)

Publisher: Thinkling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Category: Children, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
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ALIENS Welcome to a new year – 6 issues this year, are you ready for one every 2 months?! The year started on a strange note. We heard buzzing, saw some interstellar lights, and ran around in circles trying to identify flying objects over the foggy sky. At last we couldn’t deny the signs – it was time to write an Alien issue. Come enter the world of science fiction and see how sometimes real life is indeed stranger than fiction. Meet the Tardigrade, a tiny creature that can survive almost ANYTHING! Did I say real life or reel life? Lots of stuff for movie lovers here, sci-fi tales, and tips on writing your own stories. We’ve also got fun 3D crafts and a flying pizza… Told you things are a bit odd at Thinkling. Wait, what’s that…

Now read Thinkling on the go! Print Subscription - Rs 1500 Digital Subscription - Rs 900 Thinkling is an Indian magazine for the curious child. Written with a global perspective, Thinkling empowers readers aged 7+ with the freedom to explore, question, understand and enjoy our world. Each magazine is centered on a theme approached from a variety of perspectives such as art, literature, science, sports, and history. Packed with activities, ideas, helpful advice, photos, articles, stories, interviews and more, there’s never a dull moment in Thinkling! Meet a few of our sections: Crafterpieces – create a new masterpiece today Green Room – discover visual and performing arts from around the world Ink Gobbler – have a reader who wants more to sink their teeth into? A book and literature section that brings words to life Score – on the field, court or track, we’ve got bits and bobs, kicks and lobs from the sports section Shared Soil – explore our shared planet through our nature section Spitfire – recipes and techniques for young chefs with rumbling tummies! Sticky Situations – helpful advice about some of life’s most pressing questions; includes concept words for parents to continue the discussion at home Trailquest – a new map with every issue, pack your backpack and get set to blaze a new trail Whizz, Bang, Pop – science with a difference

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