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Join curious club - Meg, Ali, Yogi and Choco in their expeditions and discover the joy of exploration, creation and wonderful world of learning through snippets of new discoveries, morals and inspirations. Read Curious Club stories in The Child City children’s magazine. In ‘Treasures of Ranchipur’, Meg, Yogi, Ali and Choco are glad to find that the library they had initiated had garnered a great response. As they talk to Sameera, the librarian, Meg gets distracted by the behaviour of a little boy sitting in the corner taking down notes from a book. She gets very suspicious of his activity. On inquiring with Sameera as to which book is he referring to, she recollects it to be a book titled ‘Treasures of Ranchipur’. Sameera takes them through the history of the treasures. Many years ago, the cave of Ranchipur was a secret hiding place for pirates who looted the ships and hid their loot in the caves. With the sea levels falling, recently, the caves were visible again. This gets Meg, Ali and Yogi keen to find the treasure. Along with story, get trivia and GK update on archaeology, great historical site like Sacsayhuaman, Antikythera Mechanism, Nazca Line and the role model of the month is Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay, the discoverer of Mohenjp-daro. Inspire curious minds with The Child City children’s magazine. Subscribe today thechildcity.com

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