Responsible Parenting- All Issues

New age children require a different parenting style. Parents need to understand that their children are growing up in a world that is different from the one they did! Today, it is an imperative for parents to realize that children are bound to have different ideas, thinking and aspirations. To be able to do this better, do parents need to view the world from their children's eyes? Or should they consider growing faster than their children to understand their children's biological, psychological and social needs? Every father and mother try to be good parents but many may not be aware of the 'what and how to' required behind upbringing healthy, happy and successful children. With these aspects in view, The Silver zone Group is presenting a new monthly magazine, Responsible Parenting to strengthen knowledge and confidence levels in parents to communicate effectively with their children. The magazine aims to equip parents with such key skills that they can use to encourage positive behaviors in their children, creating space yet fostering information exchange, networking and support .