Purappadinte 100 Varshangal- All Issues

At last the the history of migrant farmers of kerala is in record. Yes, It is Purappadinte 100 Varshangal (100 Years of Exodus) which is published by Deepika Daily deals with the migration of farmers from Thiruvithamkur and Kochi to Iduki and Malabar. It is a tribute to the migrant fathers, mothers and children who died of starvation and epidemic during the early years of exodus. You can meat the soul of migrant people through the 21 chapters of this book, can see the real culprits who cut the trees and ruin the forests, can touch green land and heights of Iduki and Malabar which is preserved by the farmers for decades. We invite all keralites to read it, so that the truth must be prevailed.