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“The new source of power is not money in the hands of few, but information in the hands of many “ The world of today is on its quick turns and it is very difficult to catch up. As an entrepreneur, whether a new comer or a tycoon, all that you’ve got to do is be ahead of the competition. You have to be keenly aware of every single word, major business ideas, news and trends shaping the future of business and industry. Business, any form, has not always been a piece of cake. It consisted of its own rules and elusive principles. What is new today becomes old tomorrow in business. So here it is where BUSINESS DESTINY, Andhra Pradesh’s first Freemium business magazine takes its form to throw some light to the business minds on the revolutionary trend settings in business. Our intense research presented in the form of articles will take you on a tour of the exact on goings and happenings in and around the city. BUSINESS DESTINY’s mission is to be a Business person to Business person magazine. To be a part of every decision you take and make in the walk and talk of business To come up with innovative solutions for the business complexities that gave rise to intense development and information explosions.