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Beyond the pages of history lies various untold stories that are no less astounding than the ones jotted down by the historians. We have come up GRASSHOPPER, a bilingual tourism magazine through which we try to unearth such stories for you to witness what has been hidden from you until now. Apart from this, the GRASSHOPPER not only focuses on the famous heritage sites but also the uncharted heritage of India and World. Our picture gallery will take you on a mesmerizing journey through the streets of India and world. Being a bilingual magazine, we have been able to garner a very large readership. We are sure that at the end of this financial year we would be able to reach pan India readership. The magazine is being circulated to the influential people first and preference is given to those with sound paying capacity. We have maintained very good balance between the elite, upper and higher middle class, those who constantly aspire to improve their quality of living and gain access to new technologies, products and services and are capable of it.