Do Bail- All Issues

This is the (Hindi) Edition of two of Munshi Premchand's most popular stories, "Do Bael" and "Budhi Kaki". Munshi Premchand (1880 - 1936), one of the most famous writers of the 20th century, was known for his very insightful and accurate portrayal of Indian society. Even though he lived in the beginning of the last century, his stories are relevant to modern life. Two Oxen or Do Bael, talks about compassion towards all creatures. Heera and Moti are two oxen who are shocked by the harshness of the world outside their home. It is a world that cannot understand them and only uses them and other animals, for their own needs. The Aged Aunt or Budhi Kaki, is the story of the bond between a little girl and her aged and neglected grand-aunt. In a household where Kaki is often forgotten and left cold and hungry, it is little Laadli who brings her joy with the warmth of her caring.