Transforming a monthly magazine concept into a yearly guidebook has always been a challenge. But it’s a challenge we all at Indo Multi Media like to take because it forces us to look at things differently, to go about things in a different manner, to come across different sets of problems, to utilise different problem-solving processes and tools; in a nutshell, it brightens up our days, renews our daily routines and provides us with new findings. Working on hellobali every month, interacting with our readers, our friends, we often wish there was one good book that could store all that we learn about Bali every day. Of course, we always try to put all the things we learn about the island in the magazine every month, but because of the nature of the magazine, we often feel that we have to leave out some things. A book, however, provides a different medium: it has more pages, it lasts longer, and, by its nature, has a much wider reach.