White Lines- All Issues

From These Football Times, an award-winning website and a part of Guardian Sport, comes White Lines, a digital magazine featuring exclusive writing from the hottest independent authors in addition to professional coaching material and drills. 80 pages of unique content makes this a magazine steeped in value and quality. For everyone at TFT, the quality of our content means everything. It's why we're a small band of Guardian Sport Network regulars. We want to inspire our readership and we want to educate. Moreover, we want to bring the past to life and consider football's future today. Indeed, the game itself is one of opinion - but how about fact? We want to bring you the facts behinds the stories and let you make up your own mind. There's enough people out there telling us all what to think; you don't need another voice. Instead, how about inspiration? Let us inspire you through the stories that we've spent hours, days and weeks researching. Support independent football writing by ordering your copy of White Lines today. All proceeds will go to the eventual creation of a paper magazine later in 2015.