Muscle & Fitness UK Edition Magazine - UK | November 2013

Muscle & Fitness UK Edition Magazine - UK | November 2013

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Revolution by MATT TURNER
In just a few years, men’s physique contests have transformed the bodybuilding landscape. Thousands of guys who had never previously considered themselves bodybuilders are now pulling on their board shorts and lining up to take part. Although the category is new, it already often attracts the highest number of competitors.

Size Matters by DAVID SANDLER
My lifting career started out like that of many other teenagers looking to build muscle: find the biggest guy at the gym and do what he did—which typically meant putting as much weight as possible on the bar and completing the reps by any means necessary. Not only did my size increase, but so did my strength. Naturally, I continued to lift big, expecting my size to grow proportionately. This didn’t happen. I got stronger, but my muscle gains stagnated. What was going on? I thought size was directly related to strength. At least, that’s what the ­“experts” were saying.

Muscle Nutrition by MARK GILBERT
Last month we looked at macro­nutrients, the nutrients we eat in large quantities—protein, carbs and fat—that supply energy, essential fats and fibre. 
Now let’s consider micronutrients, which are the essential nutrients the body requires in very small quantities for carrying out the many processes that allow the metabolism to function. They are more commonly known as vitamins and minerals.

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62 Superfoods
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114 Muscle Nutrition
144 Performance Nutrition
148 Protein Powder Cookery
150 Nutrition Made Easy
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14 Arnold’s Page
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140 Powerful People
154 Dan Hardy Column
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162 Bikini Body
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172 UFC Conditioning
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176 Hot Bod

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Muscle & Fitness magazine brings you the essentials of serious fitness training aiming to help you maximize your potential.

Each issue has strength and fitness training for every body type, diet plans and strategies and expert tips and advice for every fitness level. When the time comes to take training even more seriously Muscle & Fitness will show you how.