Belleza Moda Magazine - Belleza Moda Travel Edition

Publisher: Yellow Hill Media
Category: Fashion, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Belleza Moda Magazine is a Canadian publication that details trends in luxury lifestyle from across the globe. The goal of this magazine is to inform the reader of what constitutes luxury in different cultures. From articles based on fashion, health and fitness, electronics, automobiles and architecture, Belleza Moda will stop at nothing to expose the most important differences in luxury from around the world, while understanding the underlying similarities experienced globally.

A wholesome magazine that focuses on the sheer broadness of the market today is rare, but Belleza Moda Magazine is an upcoming force that will address this gap. Belleza Moda aims to provoke interest in a myriad of topics with inclusivity. With projected opinions and publicity of global design, lifestyle, human interest, the arts, entertainment and technology, the magazine will appeal to a range of markets, both locally and internationally. The influence of globalization, the social media revolution and democratization of not only the fashion industry but also those intertwined is the foundation of the magazine. Bringing expert deliverance on these in alignment with global change in environmentalism and activism to the readers, Belleza Moda hopes to build a platform of informational awareness from east to west. Belleza Moda’s firm goal is to become the leading inclusive lifestyle magazine in Canada. In addition to this, the magazine hopes to increase its influence as a reliable source of insight through its social media channels and digital app worldwide. Belleza Moda will launch in November 2014 in print and digital. For more information about Belleza Moda Magazine, contact: Yellow hill Media & Entertainment

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