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MACKINDER VS CHINA’S NEW SILK ROAD By Matthew Ehret-Kump. A history of the Bering Strait tunnel, geopolitics, empire and why China’s Polar Silk Road offers the west a chance to become part of a global paradigm founded upon the most important principles of human self-organisation and natural law. TOP 25 NEWS STORIES OF 2017–18 By Project Censored. Originated by Professor Carl Jensen and his Sonoma State University students in 1976, the expansion of the Project to include affiliate faculty and students from campuses across North America has made the Project even more diverse and robust when listing this year’s under-reported stories. ALZHEIMERS: THE INFECTIOUS THEORY By Bret Stetka and Leslie C. Norins, MD, PhD. Dr Leslie Norins has called for urgent research into the theory that Alzheimer’s Disease may be infectious. Studies revealing a possible link to the herpes virus and various other clues remain poorly investigated. WHO PARKED OUR MOON? By Jim Marrs. We revisit the unlikely geology and position of our Moon and why it may not belong in Earth’s orbit; including theories that our Moon was hollowed out and relocated by alien intelligences. SCIENCE NEWS: THE REALITY NARRATIVE By Robert Solomon. A proposed solution to the paradox revealed by two quantum experiments: the two-slit experiment and Wheeler’s delayed choice experiment—which are unexplainable in material terms. ALUMINIUM AND AUTISM By J. B. Handley. Research has revealed effects of aluminium adjuvants used in vaccines have not previously been well understood. Recent discoveries explain how autism is triggered and have formed a clear picture of its causation. JOSEPH SINKS By Dr Ashraf Ezzat. The story of The Exodus does not hold up to scrutiny. Historically there are flaws in the account, involving the slave trade, camels, language and other evidence leading to the conclusion that the story of Joseph in Egypt is an impossibility. STRANGE TIMES: BRITAIN IN ANTARCTICA By James Robert.

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