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elcome to the second volume of The Bodybuilder’s Bible: Total Arms and Abdominals. Last time it was all about shoulders and chest. Now, while those muscle groups are necessary for a well-rounded physique and overall strength and power, it’s this edition of The Bodybuilder’s Bible that’s going to help you build the glamour muscles. These are the famous muscle groups for a reason: ask any girl on the street what the most impressive and attractive part of the male body is and she is going to say either arms or the abs. Every bodybuilder, physique or fitness model and action star has to have these parts well developed if they are to have any hope of succeeding in their field. The abdominals are especially hard muscles to grow. Even when you’ve got the muscle definition and strength, if you have a thick layer of fat covering your mid-section, nobody will ever know. Similarly, the triceps and the biceps are definitive muscles: they can make or break a physique. Now, while it may be true that too many guys at the gym or on the bodybuilding circuit dedicate too much time working on their arms at the expense of other muscle groups, it’s definitely true that you need impressive arms to have an impressive physique overall. Nobody ever won a bodybuilding show with a huge chest but scrawny arms. The arms and abs are also integral parts of becoming not only big but strong as well.

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