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With its unprecedented range of subjects as well as its inherently built-in USPs,Saffron is aimed almost directly at the South Asian and Arab woman; A woman who is enthusiastic, a dreamer, a home-maker or a career driven.A woman who takes time out for herself, understands her own value, is multi-faceted and single- minded at the sametime.Awoman who enjoys people, food, music, theatre, the arts or maybe none of the aforementioned. She can fluctuate fairly easily from staying in to stepping out. A woman who isempathetic and makes a difference in own little way. A woman juggler or one who enjoys the carthasis of a right royal tantrum. A woman who knows how to kick-back and relax or how to strap on her runners and pelt. A woman who lives life hands-on and can do it vicariously just as easily. She wears many hats because she’s many personalities. She’s the woman in the train or the woman in the back of a luxury car. She’s anywhere between the ages of 18 to forever.She’s everyone you know.