What's Your Sexual Style?
Move!|8 January 2020
Here’s how your lifestyle affects what happens between your sheets

When it comes to satisfying your sexual appetite, there are countless avenues that can be explored – from basic to kinky.

Whichever floats your boat, you can bet your personality traits and day-today activities influence your decision.

The way we express ourselves between the sheets says a lot about our lifestyles and who we are.


There’s plenty that can be said about the femme fatales who fall into this category – those who are outgoing, ready to embark on new adventures.

These are the types of women who don’t hold back when it comes to broadening their sexual horizons. They’re the first to suggest the use of toys. “It’s the open-minded and outgoing women with a lot of energy who are more open to mixing things up a bit and trying new experiences,” says America-based sex and relationship expert Rebecca Dakin.


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