Rowlene's Making Her Mark
Move!|2 October 2019
Songstress’ passion for music pays off
Nkosazana Ngwadla

She might be known for being Nasty C’s protégé, but she’s now ready to step into her very own spotlight. Rowlene Bosman, who goes by Rowlene, is working hard to prove herself as a musician in her own right in the industry.

After years of working with A-listers in the country and featuring on var ious tracks she’s busy with her debut album, set for release in a few months.

Move! catches up with her.


She grew up in Elsies River in Cape Town and never really imagined herself pursuing a career in music. But the older she got, the more music called to her, like an itch she had to scratch.

She dropped first single, Imposter, early in 2015 as an exclusive debut track on radio station, Good Hope FM. The song quickly gained her exposure and caught the attention of former Free World Music executive, Zyne Marcus. He offered her a contract to work alongside hip-hop artists such as Nasty C, Erick Rush and Tellaman.

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