“You'd best beware my energy sword should ye step anywhere near it”
PC Gamer US Edition|December 2021
Finishing the fight every weekend in HALO 3

Just over a year ago, a friend messaged me with an idea. Halo 3 had just hit Steam via The Master Chief Collection, and he was planning on getting a bunch of pals together to play a few rounds of Slayer like it was 2007 all over again. Fifty-two weekends later (give or take) and we’re still going, testament to the fact that this wasn’t just an experiment in nostalgia.

Every weekend we’ll gather for an evening of Halo 3 shenanigans. Here’s how a night usually goes. It starts with a small free-for-all on Guardian to warm up, waiting for folks to finish up their dinner and jump in. We’ll move onto our staple of bigger maps as the gang arrives—The Pit, High Ground, Ghost Town—and maybe pick a few wildcard arenas before we hit the main event. Big Team Slayer on Valhalla.

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