The Ugly Ducking
Brain Tonic|September 2016

Long ago there was small village. The village had beautiful little houses. Also, there was lake surrounded by big trees.

It was a nice summer day. A duck was hatching her eggs under a tree. There were eight eggs. One of them was bigger. Slowly, the eggs started cracking. Little yellow ducklings started to come out of seven eggs. However the big egg did not cracked. After a long time a white duckling popped out of the big egg.

The mother duck was sad because the white duckling looked ugly. It was bigger than its siblings. The mother duck thought may be this is not my child. Perhaps he is a chick and afraid of water. So she decided to see whether it can swim. She walked towards the lake. Her yellow ducklings followed her in a line. The white duckling also walked behind other ducklings. As soon as the mother duck jumped into water all the ducklings and the ugly one too jumped into water. Now the mother duck was relieved that the ugly duckling was also her own child. Looking at it she thought, “He is not ugly at all.”

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