How Daddy Made A Mistake
Brain Tonic|September 2016

When Daddy was a little boy, he used to drink milk, water, tea and have cod-liver oil.

Alexander Raskin

Cod-liver oil was supposed to be very good for growing children. But it was awful. Little Daddy thought there was nothing worse than codliver oil. But he was wrong.

One summer day little Daddy was playing outside. It was very hot. Little Daddy had been running around, and he was thirsty. He rushed into the house. Everyone was busy, because company was coming, and they were baking pies and setting the table. That’s why no one saw little Daddy pour himself a glass of water from a small decanter. He knew cooled boiled water was always kept in it. He gulped down half a glassful and began to choke. What could’ve happened?

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