Top 10 Greatest Off-Roaders Of The Last 10 Years
Radio Control Car Action|November 2019
Our favorite rides for doin’ it in the dirt

What are the 10 greatest off-roaders of the last 10 years? That’s the question we put to ourselves, and with no restriction other than the 10-year cutoff, there are plenty of models we could put on a very long list. The cars and trucks listed below are not necessarily best sellers or the most popular (although many are) but, instead, are our picks for “best” in terms of innovation, excitement, and fun—any of those individually or in combination. You may disagree, of course—that’s part of the fun with these things. So let’s get to it—in no particular order, here are our picks for the 10 greatest off-roaders of the last 10 years.

Pro-Line PRO-MT 4X4

Pro-Line is best known for bodies and tires, but the PL team has also put out some high-caliber kits and rollers, including this most recent and capable entry: the PRO 4X4. You can get the truck as the MT roller minus electronics (shown here), the Ambush MT roller (same as the MT but with a trail-style body), and the Fusion SC—an unassembled kit that leaves the body, wheel, and tire choices to you. All are heavily built for high-power off-roading with aluminum-plate chassis, shaft drive, three differentials, pivot-ball suspension with 16mm-bore aluminum shocks, and 17mm hubs. Tough stuff!


Unlimited Desert Racer

Our 2018 Truck of the Year was the last thing we expected from Traxxas after the brand went big with the supersized, super-innovative X-Maxx, but it just goes to show you can never guess what Traxxas is gonna do. Ultra-detailed and impressively large (its “Pro Scale” dimensions work out to right in between 1/7 and 1/8 scale), the Unlimited Desert Racer sets a high bar for realistic looks and performance thanks to its innovative solid rear axle design, which incorporates an internal planetary gear reduction to dramatically reduce torque twist.



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