2021 Audi A3 Sedan
Motor Trend|July 2020
Sedans are sailing against serious headwinds these days, but Audi isn’t ready to give up.
Scott Evans

The fourth-generation 2021 Audi A3 is here with a more aggressive look and a load of tech designed to draw your eye away from all the SUVs in the room.

You’ll immediately recognize Audi’s smallest, least expensive sedan; its look is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but it’s undeniably more assertive with far more lines than curves in its sheet metal. They’re most obvious up front, but don’t miss the deeply sculpted sides and the Radwood-worthy Audi logo on the rear doors—an ’80s brand throwback. Audi designers also looked to draw out the roofline slightly and tighten up the rear end to give the A3 sedan a little more of that four-door coupe look that’s in vogue.

The changes make the car slightly longer, wider, and taller. It’s not all cosmetic, as the extra 0.4 inch of roof height combined with lower seats has yielded an extra 0.8 inch of headroom in the front row. The alterations have also made for an aerodynamic improvement, which should help fuel economy.

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