Discover Trinidad & Tobago- All Issues

Celebrating our 30th issue with our 2019 edition, Discover Trinidad & Tobago is a travel guide aimed both at international tourists and visitors planning a trip or vacation to the islands — whether for an eco adventure, business trip, or beach holiday — and at local Trinidadians and Tobagonians looking to know and explore more about their native islands. Discover Trinidad & Tobago is the only local travel guide that has published year in, year out, for so long. Over more than 25 years, DTT has become the most sustainably produced local guide, featuring some of the finest national and international writers, photographers, editors, and designers. DTT's comprehensive coverage of Trinidad and Tobago — from arts and culture to eco adventures, accommodation to sports, planning flights and transportation and more — can help anyone plan anything from a day trip or weekend escape, to a full-on an adventure holiday or leisurely vacation. It might take a lifetime to truly experience all that the islands have to offer, but at least Discover T&T can show you where to start! For more: •