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OffBeat is New Orleans' premier magazine covering the city and region's music and entertainment, festivals, unique culture and cuisine. We go off the beaten track to give you inside information on Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, French Quarter Fest, Voodoo Fest, Festivals Acadiens, Crescent City Blues, Bayou Boogaloo and so much more. Every month OffBeat features in-depth articles and interviews with musicians, artists, chefs and culture bearers who make New Orleans America’s most fascinating city. Every month OffBeat features reviews of local music, the city’s most respected guide to local music listings and clubs, restaurants and festivals. From jazz to funk, Cajun and zydeco to rock, blues to R&B, OffBeat is the authority. Chockful of beautiful and award-winning photography and editorial, OffBeat is respected locally and worldwide as the authority on local music and culture. Our “Jazz Fest Bible” is a special double issue and us the ultimate guide to the city’s most famous music festival. It's available with a 12-month subscription..