Fantasy Figures Yearbook- All Issues

Welcome to the first Fantasy Figures International Yearbook. Fantasy Figures International is celebrating its first year as the number one independent magazine for all aspects of Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniature painting and modelling. When we launched the magazine in the autumn of 2019 we were acutely aware that although there was plenty of stuff online, there was very little available in print that catered for miniature painter and modellers in these genres. Given the huge amount of interest in Gunpla, Maschinen Krieger, and science fiction modelling more generally, not to mention the huge growth in popularity of both fantasy and science fiction miniature painting, we thought the time was right to offer modellers a regular high-quality print magazine that catered for these interests. A year or so, and seven issues, later we could have had no idea of the enthusiastic support the magazine would receive from hobbyists all across the world. A measure of that success is that five of our first six bi-monthly magazines have now completely sold out. With that in mind, and aware that new readers were discovering our magazine all the time, we made the decision to gather together some of our favourite articles from the first year of the magazine in this special collectors’ edition Yearbook