ICE Business Times- All Issues

ICE Business Times (IBT) is a monthly business magazine that is brought out by ICE Media Ltd. Establishing its credential as a forerunner among English language-based magazines of Bangladesh, IBT has set a benchmark of excellence for existing or future competition in the field. As the business-news wing of ICE Media, IBT has not only set its foot as a magazine to be reckoned with, but is has also been producing quality articles every month. The in-house staff of IBT work relentlessly day-in and day-out to bring forth articles and reports that not only cater to businessmen, but also avid readers who are intrigued about the happenings in the business world (both domestic and international). Our regular features include two in-depth cover stories, a photo story, an infograph, interviews of high-level corporate executives, articles on career, strategy, corporate fitness, book reviews, etc. The language in our magazine is also worth mentioning, as not only does it accommodate to the suave businessmen familiar with the business jargons, but also to the general readers who demand language simplification.