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Luxor Times magazine is all aِِbout Egypt, the land of civilisation that still fascinates that world. Through the pages of Luxor Times, we bring Egyptian history and culture to your fingertips. You will discover ancient, Islamic, Coptic and modern Egyptian history - all in one place! Luxor Times passionately breathes life into the stories of the past from the Egyptian perspective. The magazine carries the spirit of Egypt as it is published from Egypt by an Egyptian company. Moreover, not only will you uncover the latest about Egyptology and archaeology in Egypt, but you will dig into near past archives that tell the story of history from the Egyptian side, which is unlike any other medium. Luxor Times is a fun and educational source for anyone interested in Egypt and also scholars who share their work and ideas with the world. Also, could you not be there for an event or a new discovery? We bring it to you with as many photos and even videos, creating an exclusive and exceptional experience for our worldwide readers and subscribers. All in all, Luxor Times opens a window to the past and a door to the present, providing compelling articles about how Egypt became the civilisation we know and love.