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FemEvolve is a women’s health and wellness magazine, redefining the way women live their lives. We know you’re looking for that balance. For less stress and time to spend doing the things you love. To improve different areas of your life and become the best version of yourself. FemEvolve covers every area of living a well-balanced life – health/wellness, clean beauty, fashion inspiration, fitness and actionable steps for daily personal development. Our team is made up of scientific researchers and experts in these different fields, so we can provide you with quality information. Our health content comes from scientific publications and is broken down – so even if you don’t have a science background, you can become more knowledgeable about your health and body. FemEvolve also aims to discuss taboo topics such as menstruation, sex and intimacy, because you should have a trusted place to learn about these topics. Our cover models are all inspirational women who have overcome tremendous struggles. They may not be the celebrities we’re all primed to seeing in media, but they show us that even the everyday woman can be Superwoman!