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Cricket Samrat Claim it's top position till date it has achieved among sports maagzine in any lanuage in the country with a whopping readership of more than one million according to latest 2010 IRS figures while competitors are less than half as suggested by IRS these figures do justice to the popularity of the magazine. Cricket Samrat was stared by Mr. Anand Dewan Founder & Owner of Cricket Samrat till date. Son of a magazine agency owner, he basically grew with them from his childhood and converted his passion for sports into a Magazine, At the time of montreal olympics in 1976 we started the magazine called "Khel Samrat" for two years we continued with it but we always knew at the back of our head the sports in India is Cricket, In 1978 we converted the magazine into "Cricket Samrat" at a Price of Just Rs 3 from that day till now we have never looked back readership soared helped by India's explosives sucess in the early 80's and afcourse winning the '83' World Cup.