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Unhooked is India’s first lingerie magazine which educates the common man and woman about the significance of their second skin, most popularly known as undergarments. The magazine also covers lingerie news, latest collections of lingerie brands, lingerie fashion events, etc. Unhooked aims to bring out the vitality of lingerie which in most cases goes unnoticed. When not dispensing knowledge, the magazine indulges in its love for the intricacy of this engineered product. Between coquettish and factual lines, the blog acquaints you with all the brands and its offerings available in India. However the magazine also maintains its ‘what you can’t get but lust’. Unhooked is sure to bring about revolutionary changes into the buying habits of a nation looking to break out of the cycle of wearing inferior products and graduate to superior, branded articles. Opening up the fascinating world of intimates, Unhooked is India’s answer of an avant-garde portal which brings in a new dimension to Indian lingerie drawers and wardrobes.