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Today in the dynamic world of education, there’s a pressing need. A need to connect. Everyone is involved with education and yet we continue to think and operate in silos. We felt this too, and thought of a platform where all of us are together as one - sharing ideas and creating synergies. The Digest is an opportunity to all of us to integrate ourselves more with education, experience new ideas, share our thoughts and be part of the process that single-handedly builds tomorrow. From thoughts of our worthy educators to students’ and parents’ opinions, with a bevy of exciting and fun reads - The Digest offers something to everyone. The exciting part - all the articles are creations of people just like you, weaved with a bit of magic by our editorial team. Thus, with its very essence, The Digest hopes to fill the gap long experienced and be the ultimate connector in this realm. Nothing is more exhilarating to us than bringing all together and let your ideas reach communities worldwide. The Digest is not just a magazine, it is a culmination of your efforts and the force to your voice. It is more yours than ours!