KISAN GYAN- All Issues

KISAN GYAN, as the name indicates, relates to the agricultural knowledge; conservative and cash crops, allied professions and farm machinery through training programs or upcoming events on a national and international level. Introduced in 2016, it is the leading and most widely read agriculture based magazine throughout 14 states across all over India. Punjab and Haryana, extensively known as the food grain basket of India, it caters to every aspect of farming like growing of seasonal crops, their problems & solutions, conservative and cash crop farming. It also covers – fishery, dairy, bee keeping, floriculture, horticulture etc. The main aim of KISAN GYAN is to keep up the spirit of farming, bond different regions and help agriculture grow. It inspires the youth to take up agriculture as farming with a lot of emphasis on organic and profitable farming. It keeps in mind the health and prosperity of all i.e. taking mankind and nature together. It is published MONTHLY in English and Hindi . It is undoubtedly one of the best mediums trying to provide healthy information.