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Introduction of "CHIP" "CHIP" is a computer magazine that was founded primitively in Germany in 1978. It has been published in 16 countries and enjoys a good reputation with over 3 million readers from Asia and Europe. "CHIP" has long-term cooperation with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C, the amount of publishment reached over 200,000 books. "CHIP"Corporate Culture To bring readers the latest information about communication, digital products and hard/software. "CHIP" Goals To be the best platform for customers to learn computer, Internet and communication devices, to offer readers effective instructions about purchases. "CHIP"Status of publishment circulation: 200,000 books "CHIP"Columns of magazine A.News Focus on the latest information and report of hard/software and new products. B. Test Tests for the hard/software and other devices, offering professional product assessment report based on the editor's experience, to help readers acknowledge more about the products. C.Application Instructing readers to use IT in practice by "Step by step" approach. CHIP Club CHIP Club has 80,000 members so far, entertaiment activities are organised frequently to achieve better interactive effort with customers.