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With this being the first issue for 2016, we are going to advice you on steps to take to change your life for the better this year… Four things to keep in mind… 1. Be Present In your Own Life says Shoni Khangala a Motivational Speaker 2. Stop Passing The Buck(s) says Donna McCallum an Entrepreneur, Life And Wealth Coach 3. Don’t Be A ‘Yes Man’ says Francois du Toit a Professional Business And Wellness Coach 4. Stop Dieting says Desi Horsman a Nutritionist Speaker And Wellness Expert Make a fresh start this year by turning to pages 44 to 47 as there is never a better time than NOW, to change your life. We were lucky enough to chat to the award-winner Angelo Vallillo, of Zullo & Holland and The Angelo Vallillo Hair Academy who represented Wella Trend Vision Awards in Berlin, turn to pages 10 to 17 to read his interview as well as see some fabulous hairstyles – true talent! To all stylists keep your stories coming as we love sharing all your styles with our readers. Enjoy this issue of Celeb Styles!