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高峰傲 Gafencu - All Issues

高端生活方式杂志《高峰傲》于2007年创刊,是中国富裕及成功人士所必看的时尚潮流期刊。《高峰傲》旨在为卓尔不凡的读者们提供一切与时尚、奢侈和品质相关的最新信息,让他们不仅仅能够在琳琅满目的众多佳品中择优而用,并且可以在同业精英中彰显自己的极佳品味。 《高峰傲》的读者们由亚洲最受尊敬的企业家,名流以及高端消费群体组成,他们关注时尚和品味,从衣着、配饰到护肤;他们的生活让众人望尘莫及:无论是奢华名表、豪华座驾,或者是终极家庭娱乐设施等,还是稀有佳酿、超级游艇和顶级私人飞机,都在他们的需求范围内。他们还对家居设计和装饰有着非凡的品味。 《高峰傲》的读者们还是忠实的旅行爱好者,他们游遍全世界,却仅仅会停留在那些最独特的目的地中,在这些目的地上坐落着世界上最奢华的酒店。他们是企业家、地产大亨和商业精英,也是中国最富裕的群体。 《高峰傲》是奢华领域的风向标,每期为读者提供来自知名品牌,旅行目的地和艺术设计的奢华经典。 GAFENCU is the monthly magazine for all those who love exploring life to the full, those with a liking for luxury and a penchant for only the very finest. It’s for those whose life is anything but pedestrian and for those who need to stay informed about the very latest developments in the realms of true quality and luxury. It allows for informed choices to be made and bestows upon its readers a confidence that they are among the educated elite when it comes to true discernment. GAFENCU offers only the best of the best of the very best to those men and women who constitute China's most admired entrepreneurs, consumers and bon vivants. With an unmatched focus on fashion and style – whether with regard to clothing, accessories or skincare – Gafencu readers epitomise and enjoy a lifestyle others only dream of. Their world is a world of choices – with the best automobiles, the most collectable timepieces and the ultimate in home media and entertainment systems all there for the taking. As are the rarest and most collectable wines, the last word in luxury yachts and the ultimate in personal aircraft. At home, they are ever immersed in the most exquisite interiors, with the highest level of sophisticated design and décor expected and appreciated. GAFENCU readers are the ultimate international citizens, travelling the globe and stopping off at only the most exclusive destinations, destinations where five star and beyond hospitality is wholly de rigueur. They are entrepreneurs, property magnates, business people, those with investments and property throughout Hong Kong and beyond. GAFENCU is the concierge, guide and gatekeeper to these luxury realms, the atlas of affluence and the gazette of understated grandeur, with every issue distilling the quintessence of luxury from the most revered brands, desired destinations and opulent objets d'art.