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TRAVEL & DINING makes its debut in the Malaysia market in June 2012. The magazine finds its roots in the publishers of the National Geographic Traveller: Malaysian Edition, which has garnered a loyal following since it was launched in Malaysia. The all new TRAVEL & DINING magazine is set to take readers on a wonderful sojourn of beautiful sights and sites, be it to rejuvenate your travelling soul or tantalise your taste buds. We are surely the magazine to watch out for TRAVEL & DINING ideas, as we bring you the expertise and know-how gained in bringing you unparalleled travel and dining experiences from our own glitzy sites, to those far flung ones. Part of the Reach Publishing family, the all new TRAVEL & DINING edition carries the theme, ‘A trailblazer on every front’, and will be a feast to your sight and mind. It joins the league of already established titles from Reach Publishing, which has proven publishing track record. TRAVEL & DINING is published once every two months.