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“Kaattaaru” is a Tamil monthly published by Kaattaaru team. It was first issued in October 2014. Kaattaaru aims at reforming the society socially and culturally, by igniting scientific temper and rational thinking among people. After the Aryan invasion, myriad invasions would have taken place in the Indian sub-continent. Regimes changed; Great revolutions had happened in politics on an international scale. But, none of these revolutions or invasions questioned the domination of Vedas in India. Hence, Aryan domination wasn’t dissuaded. After 20 centuries, Periyar was born. He brought about a socio-cultural revolution to foster rational thinking, which started devastating the Aryan culture. Regimes and laws were changed. Multitudinous magazines were published which provided a strong support for Periyar’s socio-cultural revolution by spreading his principles to every nook and corner of the country. KAATTAARU is a continuation of such magazines. Owner & Publisher : Vijayaraghavan Editor-in-chief : A.P.Siva Editor : Raavanan