Enimity Conflict Feeling Hostility Image Credit: Rishimukh
Enimity Conflict Feeling Hostility Image Credit: Rishimukh

10 Forms Of Enmity

All of us at one time or other feel a sense of enmity against, some thing or someone.

This feeling is either momentary or of a longer duration, depending upon our spiritual or mental level.

But have we ever considered the rational behind this feeling? It is always “The other fellow” or thing which is at fault and cause us this feeling? Is it the only Truth? Can it not be otherwise?

Honestly speaking, what is enmity? Have you ever given thought to it? Where is its source, course or culmination? Except the fact or feeling,” It is all due to the other person or the other thing, “you have nothing else to explain or explore.”

Our ancient Masters explained this Enmity in clearer terms, it has been unclear to us so far. They have also surprised us by saying that, “Enmity has Ten forms.” They have further confounded us by saying that, it all begins with us and not “the other person or a thing.”

Let us for once hide our confusion, and hear what these great men and women have said about these ten forms of Enmity. Initially they divided the ten forms of Enmity into Three Broad categories. The Feeling, the Expression and the Action. The Feelings starts with Heart, the Expression with the Head and Action with the Body. Let us now follow their line for our own learning.

Doubt-: The very first enemy that stares us in the face is the factor of Doubt. Doubt on our self and on our capabilities. Doubts in the other’s integrity loyalty, faith friendship, and Love. You may

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