Judgement and Sanity Image Credit: Rishimukh
Judgement and Sanity Image Credit: Rishimukh

Judgement And Sanity

Your mind is the source of all creativity. You are infinite Possibility!

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Today, there is electricity all over the world, in every nook and corner of the world. But where was it born? In a person’s mind! Today, there are aeroplanes all over the world. Every country has got an airline and hundreds and thousands of people travel everyday. Where was it born? In a person’s mind! There are computers all over the world. Where was it born? In a mind!

This mind is enormous, this intelligence is unparalleled, vast, and a field of all possibilities. When we forget the truth that our mind or consciousness is a field of infinite possibilities, we get lost in small things. We forget its vast potentials; forget our own capabilities and we become close-minded.

Just wake up and see, it is this consciousness, this mind, which is responsible for all creativity in the world. Then you will realise its potential, its power.

One atom can destroy millions of people. Just one tiny atom, an atom that cannot even be seen! A sub-atomic particle, when it is split, can create such havoc in the world. A thousand times subtler than an atom is our mind, our intelligence, our thought, it has more power than an atom. If only we can keep this in our mind, then our lives will become more charming, it becomes open to more possibilities.

Parents are so charmed when they have a newborn baby. A small act of the child makes them so happy. The child would have lifted its hand, “Oh, look at the child, it is lifting it’s hand.” The chi

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