Alano Miller Image Credit: Runway
Alano Miller Image Credit: Runway

Alano Miller

Alano Miller

How are you doing today?

I’m great! Shooting season 2 of Underground in HOT Savannah, very excited to share soon.

Tell us about your personal style?

I’m a jeans guy. G-Star Raw, Levi’s, casual with a bit of edge but when I’m out for an event I love to look sharp in a well-tailored blazer/suit/tux.

Who are your favorite ready to wear designers?

G-star Raw, John Varvatos, Zara, Suit Supply, J Crew. It’s hard to name them all because I pick and choose pieces from designers who excite me.

What are your choices of fashion for the red carpet?

Like I said, I love to look sharp. Very fitted. Classic. Then on some days, I want to push the envelope a bit with an outfit from Turk or Saint Laurent. I gotta keep you guessing. I want to wear things that have a bit of pop to them and allow me to have the best of all worlds.

What was is like coming from such a large family?

It’s interesting to say the least. I did learn a lot about finding my individuality. We aren’t close in age so we weren’t wearing each other’s clothes. I had a front row seat to learning from my siblings’ success and challenges. And from that, I learned who I wanted to be.

Tell us about your upcoming movie Loving for Focus Features?

Loving is about the landmark case Loving vs. Virginia. In

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