Kira Kosarin Image Credit: Runway
Kira Kosarin Image Credit: Runway

Kira Kosarin

The summer is full of excitement and fun and Kira Kosarin is the life of the Party here at RUNWAY.

Welcome Kira to the News Desk at RUNWAY,

Did you have fun today on the photo shoot?

I had the best time. Rocky Gathercole is such an incredible designer and his work couldn’t be more my style, so getting to wear his pieces was really amazing. I loved the energy of the whole shoot.

You are an amazing dancer, how did you get started?

Thank you! My mom was an SAB (School of American Ballet) trained ballerina before dancing on Broadway for many years, so she exposed me to dance when I was very young. I fell in love with all styles of dance as a little kid and started studying ballet seriously at age 8. It’s still one of my greatest passions in life.

What was it like growing up with parents who were Broadway Performers?

If was really wonderful. My house has always been filled with music, and growing up with that constant creativity around me was great. It was also great to have parents who had seen and worked with so many child actors and knew how hard it was to work full time as a young kid; they encouraged me to wait, go through school, and grow up before attempting to start a career. I’m so grateful for that.

What fashion are you wearing this summer?

I generally like to dress in very chic, simple, monochromatic outfits, but this summer I’m playing a lot with fun color and pattern. I feel like the hot summer days are a perfec

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